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The RA Conveyor Belt is a conveyor belt with a wide range of applications. The belt has been developed for many applications, constructions and process conditions. Extremely suitable for cooling or freezing products such as snacks, bread, pastries, vegetables, potatoes, fish or meat. As well as blanching vegetables or rising dough.  The belt is used in concentric systems, spiral towers, curved and straight conveyors.

The RA Conveyor belt is made up out of cross bars with braces on both sides, and usually with spirals for product support. The thickness of the spirals and the number of turns across the width of the belt are freely selectable and give the belt the possibility of optimal product support. The belt can also be provided with extra plates next to the brackets so that a product guide is created and/or can be provided with flights. The belt can be supplied as standard in any width between 350 and 1500 mm. Belts more narrow than 350mm or wider than 1500 mm are made on demand.

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