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The SC Link Plate Belt is always made to measure and can be executed with belt pitches from ¾” (19.05 mm) to  9” (228.6mm) in almost all lengths and widths.

The SC Link Plate Belt is positively driven by sprockets or continuous rollers with teeth. Belt speeds from less than 1 meter per minute to 15 meters per minute. Higher speeds depending on process and conditions.

Example of a SC-HK hinged plate belt with side chain and perforation

Example of a SC-HK Link Plate Belt with side chains and perforations

Example of a SC-RK closed link plate belt with roller edge

Example of a SC-RK closed Link Plate Belt with roller edge

The SC Link Plate Belt is used in manufacturing processes from -50ºC  to +300ºC in all kinds of industries. The SC Link Plate Belt can be made of various steel-  and stainless steels.

SC Link Plate Belts are used in:

- cooling installations

- washing installations

- waste processing machines

- blancher installations

- screening installations

- drying installations

- sorting systems

- bread production installations

- product handling systems.

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