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Plastic drive/return wheels

Drive/ return wheels in Industrial Plastic

Stainless steel drive/return wheels

Stainless steel drive/ return wheels

Sprockets for hollow bolt chain and roller side

Sprockets for hollow bolt chain and roller side

Cast iron drive/return wheels

Cast iron drive/ return wheels

Drive wheels

The OB belt is normally driven by toothed drive wheels or by a toothed drive roller. If the tire is mounted correctly, and well maintained over the years, the running characteristics will not change. The transport frame, the belt support and the correct mounting of the drive and reversing shafts keep the belt in a straight line.

The dimensions of the drive wheels depend on the desired number of teeth, pitch of the tire and axle/hub specifications. The drive wheels for the OB have 3 versions.

The side wheel with recess in the teeth for the outer plates of the belt, the center wheel with a recess in the middle of the teeth for all inner plates, and a full wheel with teeth over the entire width of the wheel for use next to the plates. The hollow bolt chains of the OB-HK and the roller edges of the OB-RK are driven at the sides by a chain wheel. These sprockets are custom made. This depends on pitch, roll diameters, roll widths and number of teeth.

Applicable materials for drive wheel made of solid material: stainless steel AISI 304, Nylon, Steel, stainless steel AISI 316, various Industrial plastic materials.

The drive and return wheels are made to measure. This depends on pitch, roll diameters, roll widths and number of teeth. Pitch circle diameters according to the list above. The wheels can be supplied with bore, keyway (DIN 6885-A) and threaded hole for adjusting screw.


For deviating sizes (tooth numbers, wheel widths), versions and materials, please contact our specialists so that we can advise you and create a suitable design.


OB drive pulley

Cage roller

cage roller

Disc roller

Disc roller

Tube roller

tube roller

Industrial Plastic roller

Industrial Plastic roller

Drive rollers

Several types of rollers can be used for the drive of a wire-link belt, such as the welded cage roller (most commonly used), the disc roller (or push-through roller), the tube roller (tube with milled or screwed-in teeth) and the shaft with roller completely provided with plastic teeth. . The continuous teeth drive the belt across the entire width.

Due to the strength of the construction, the use of a drive roller is recommended for large belt widths and/or heavy belt loads. The production process may also require a (certain type) roller instead of a shaft with drive wheels.

The open construction of the cage roller in particular also makes it extremely suitable for use in freezers (no build-up of ice), and one comes across places where cleaning is highly valued.

The impression roller is made up of a large number of discs whose teeth can protrude through the belt. This roller is often used   in freezing tunnels or other adhesive products. With the push-through roller   the discs at the end of the belt push the stuck product off the belt.

With wire link belts with a roller side or chain side, the roller is fitted with a chain wheel with the same number of teeth on both sides.

The drive roller is custom-made and depends on the load, the desired number of teeth, pitch of the belt, tire width, and the axle stub specifications.

Applicable rolling materials: Steel, stainless steel AISI 304, stainless steel AISI 316, Industrial plastic, other.

Below is the table with pitch circle diameters of the different pitches in combination with the number of teeth.

wire link  belt drive rollers.png
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