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The HO Honeycomb belt is made up of cross bars and a flat metal strip. On the sides of the belt, the cross bars have a welded ring (welded edges). In a number of sizes   it is possible to provide the cross bars of the belt with a riveted edge. There are a number of standard belt designs with different stitch and dimensions (see table). The belt can also be fitted with side plates and cleats. The bandwidth is determined by the belt specification, the number of (odd) sections and the pitch. The belt widths can be executed in approx. 50 mm to 3.500 mm.

HO-KK Honeycomb belt with welded edges - Esfo Metal Belts

HO-KK honeycomb belt with welded edges

HO-ZK honeycomb belt with riveted edges

HO-ZK honeycomb belt with riveted edges

The HO Honeycomb belt is positively driven by gears, and can be used at speeds less than 1 mtr/min. up to approx. 25 mtr/min, which are considered normal speeds. Speeds above 25 mtr/min. are seen as high speeds and can affect belt life. The construction of the transport system and the process are also important factors.

HO honeycomb belts are used in production processes with temperatures from -30 C to +400 ºC.

The HO honeycomb belt has minimal maintenance and can last for many years if used properly. The belt is standard made of steel, galvanized steel and various types of stainless steel.

HO honeycomb belts are used in:

- Refrigeration installations

- Bread baking installations

- Washing installations

- Sorting installations

- Product handling systems

- Drying installations.

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