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HO-honeycomb belt in a straight conveyor system is positively driven. Toothed sprockets prevent the belt from slipping. The gears can be made of steel, stainless steel and plastic. The number of teeth (diameter) is freely selectable.

It is recommended to mount the sprockets every 150 mm on the drive and reversing shaft.

It is not necessary to mount the belt at a certain tension. In normal use, an adjustable turning shaft is enough to absorb any extension of the belt. In case of longer lengths, an intermediate shaft is recommended to absorb the extension (due to temperature difference and weight of the products).

The drive should be positioned in such a way that the loaded part of the belt, usually the upper part, is pulled. A drive that "pushes" the belt should be avoided. Support of the upper part is usually carried out by profiles attached in longitudinally or in herringbone shape under the belt.

Depending on the production process, synthetic materials such as PA, POM, HMPE are advised to support the belt. The support profiles are placed at a distance of approximately 150 to 300 mm, depending on the load on the belt, the weight of the belt and the production process. The return of the belt can be supported by rollers instead of strips.

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