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GRZK Enrober Belt Specials (lugs, attachments, chain)

GRZK Enrober Belts  can also be fitted with lugs. The cam pattern is customer specific.

The cams can be used for sorting, arranging or feeding in "compartments" transports or as carriers for ascending or descending transports.




Sharp point 



In addition to the sharp point, there is also the trapezoidal elevation and the trapezoidal depression in the belt.

The trapezoidal shape can also be applied in the horizontal plane of the belt. This variant is used for very fragile products. (sausage rolls).

Axles can be mounted on the tire surface as individual flights.

A special version of the enrober band is the chain belt.

Often used to spread product rows.

Extremely light version. Stitch  7.2 mm, chain width approx. 9 mm.


Curve Enrober Belt

The GRZK Enrober Belt can also be designed as a curved belt. The belts can be used for bends of approximately 30 – 180 degrees.These curve belts are made for a fixed inner radius. The belt pitch on the inside bend is small. Outwardly this stitch becomes larger, and with it the passage.The takeover rolls are executed with a diameter  of approx. 40 mm

The dimensions of the GRZK enrober belts are determined by its conical construction and cannot, like a straight GRZK belt, be made infinitely in every size.

For different sizes please Contact with us.

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