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The support of the GRZK Enrober Belts depends on the process and the belt load. The support is normally between the belt connections. A support in each mesh at higher band loads or a support every 2nd  or 3rd mesh at normal and light loads. To prevent unnecessary wear, it is important to support at least the outer meshes. It is also possible to have the belt run entirely over a plastic plate. The belt is thus supported on the nodes. Support can be provided under the return part and in special cases also the top part by means of rollers.


When choosing the support and the detour, it must be taken into account that the grille band may not be stretched too much. In process installations up to 70-80 degrees C, the support of, or provided with, plastic  ( PE or Werkstoff S) is most common. At temperatures above 70-80 degrees C, heat-resistant plastics are recommended. In hot oil frying installations, a stainless steel support is common.

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