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How to Remove a rod from the belt.

I Cut the rod as shown. Note that there are no vans in the compartments where the drive wheels engage. The arrow indicates the running direction of the belt.


IIBring the two ends of the strip together and braid the first section with selvedge.

III + IV +V + VIHook in the various pieces using a screwdriver or pliers.


Pushing and sliding canister C onto the threaded ends.

Press the cans together with pliers.

Straighten any deformed wire.

Connection bushes can be ordered with the enrober band.

Nominal lengths are 30 and 40 mm.

Wall thicknesses approx. 0.5 mm.



IRemove a rod from the belt before connecting.  Use this as a mounting rod. Bring belt ends A and B together. For wide belts, temporarily hook the finishing edges together. The arrow indicates the running direction of the belt.


II The released rod by band ends  A and B  braid. Start in the middle as much as possible.

III Braid from the center first to one side and then to the other side. Loosen the selvedges temporarily secured in step I during braiding. Band braid in such a way that only the selvedge remains.


IV Unhook hook C. For single-sided tapes, continue with step VII.

V Joining the 1st   bend the double side of the connecting rod with the 1st bend of the double side of the band ends A and B. VI Using a small screwdriver or pliers, hook the finishing edge into band end A.

VII Hook the finishing edge C of band end A back into its original position. Hook the finishing edge of track end B into the mounting thread.

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