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GRZK Enrober Belts can optionally be fitted with push-on or centering lugs (trapeze or point-shaped) pressed into the wire, or with recesses in the belt that form a kind of small gutter. Flights in the shape of separately attached axles are also possible. The belt can also be designed as a single transport chain for spread or finger conveyors.


Enrober Belt for Straight Conveyor GRZK

Grille belt for curve transportered.jpg

Enrober Belt for curved conveyor

Sprockets for Enrober belt


GRZK Enrober Belts are normally driven by toothed wheels, made of plastic or stainless steel. These wheels are custom made. This means that diameter, number of teeth and bore can be freely chosen and the wheels can be optimally fitted into new or existing installations. There are always a number of standard wheels in stock for the most common enrober belts.

GRZK Enrober Belts are widely used in installations in the food industry for the production and/or processing of:





-bread, pastries





-nuts and fruits.

GRZK Enrober Belts are also used in other branches of industry, mainly for the transport of small solid goods or boxes, such as in packaging machines and shrink tunnels.

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