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A widely used extension of the traditional BS-KK is the wide-spiral belt with chains. A pin is inserted around a certain number of stitches in the wide spiral wire with leading edges. A hollow bolt (BS-HK) or fixed bolt chain (BS-VK) is connected to both sides of the pin. This chain enables drive and steering by means of sprockets. This way the belt does not have to be kept permanently under a certain pre-tension. These belts therefore have their applications in oily, wet , cooling or freezing applications. The chain to be steered also offers a solution in installations with an unfavorable length-to-width ratio. Due to the presence of a chain with cross bars, this belt is easy to addapt with side guards and/or (robust) flights. Many combinations are possible from fine to coarse spirals (small and large diameters) with small and large chains.


Common chains are the 3/8”, ½’’, ¾”, 1”, 1¼”,1½’’ en 2” in the various ISO, ASA and DIN versions.

Wide spiral belts with chains are generally applicable. Some combinations of belt and chain have their own specific application. Below are 2 examples. 


This ladder belt with chains is provided with a spiral mat on both sides that is used to support a paper filter.

The 'hinged' spiral mats allow the belt to run somewhat in a trough.

The paper filter support belt also has a variant where the ladder belt is replaced by a honeycomb belt or a ladder belt with a spiral filling between the rods in the middle of the belt.

Ladder belt with chains on both sides


This fine mesh belt with 2” hollow bolt roller chain is often used in bottle washing and rinsing installations.

This filter belt removes the labels from the rinsing and washing water.

Ladder belt with chains on both sides

Below are some examples of wide spiral belts with chains. The images shown are random and only show a small part of the possibilities of variation in diameter in combination with the possible chains.


BS-VK Wide spiral belt with 3/8″ chain


BS-HK Wide spiral belt with 1/2″ chain


BS-HK Wide spiral belt with 1″ chain


BS-HK Wide spiral belt with 1″ chain


BS-VK Wide spiral belt with 1.5″ or 2″ chain


BS-HK Wide spiral belt with 1,5″ chain


BS-HK Wide spiral belt with 2″ chain


BS-HK Wide spiral belt with 2″ chain

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