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The BS Spiral Conveyor Belt has a diameter that is determined by the pitch (centre-to-centre distance of the spiral turns) and pitch (centre-to-centre distance of the cross wires). With a fine-mesh belt, the pitch and pitch is between 4 and 6 mm. With a pitch and pitch greater than 20 mm, there is a coarse-mesh belt. The wire thicknesses can vary and are partly determined by the pitch and pitch. In addition to the round wires, the spirals can also be made of flat wire.


Wide Spiral Belt with Welded Ends

Type: BS-KK


Multi-braided wide spiral belt with welded ends

Type: BS-KK-MV

BS Wide Spiral belts are used in production processes from –50º to +1050 º C, are available in widths from 50 to 3000 mm and in  any desired length. For a very dense surface (or very small area), the band  can be multi-braided. Then 2 or 3 spiral wires  with corresponding extra cross wires are put together.


BS Depending on the application, wide-spiral belts can also be fitted with a BS-HK (hollow-bolt chain) or BS-VK (fixed-bolt chain) chain on both sides. The connection between chains and belt is made by means of cross bars through the chain and the wide spiral belt. The wide spiral part is the product carrier. The chains provide the power transmission and a simple drive by means of sprockets.

lwm-6-8 (4) - copy_edited.jpg

BS spiral conveyor belts must be kept under tension in order to be driven and steered. Most commonly used are smooth metal drums with a smooth or slightly profiled plastic coating if the process conditions permit. Pushing drives are not recommended. Belt speeds between 1 and 60 m/min are common.

BS spiral conveyor belts can be fitted with cleats. The size of the driver is in proportion to the pitch and pitch of the belt.

BS spiral conveyor belts can be connected by simply inserting the supplied corrugated cross wire between the spirals and welding it on both sides. The belt is disassembled by loosening the welding heads and pulling out a cross wire.


A variant of the spiral conveyor  belt with end edges BS-KK is the spiral conveyor belt with Seff-edges BS-ZK. In this case, the ends of the cross wires are not welded to the spirals, but bent in a kind of S and hooked together. A spiral belt can be designed in this way, depending on the pitch and pitch ratio.

Wide Spiral Belts are used in:

- Bread ovens

- Decoration ovens

- Cooling lanes for bread

- Biscuit ovens

- Hardening ovens

- Glass ovens

- Rusk ovens

- Glazing lanes for fish and shrimp

- Fine transfers between conveyor systems

- Cooling and washing conveyors for vegetables and rubber

- Sieve conveyors for vegetables and mushrooms

- Drying lanes for vegetables, textiles and veneer

- Residential-office building as decoration/finishing

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